Thursday, 30 January 2014

Bluebell 33 candles

I'm a big fan of scented candles. I love walking through my house & smelling different scents. Normally I'm a die hard Yankee Candle fan but at Christmas I received a Bluebell 33 candle. It was a single wick Pomegranate & Rosewood scent. My word, it is amazing! It's strong but not overpowering & I'm pretty sad that I'm getting to the end of it! :-)

It's described on their site ( as "A modern, sophisticated & spellbinding scent. Fruit top notes rest with a hint of clove nestling into a background rich in amber and musk." It comes with a pretty "Mummy" label on it which was such a nice touch since it was a Christmas gift from my wee baby son. :-)
It's suggested that the burn time is approximately 40 hours. 
I seen some sold on Amazon & the price seems to range from £12.95-£14. Very reasonable!
Have any of you burned any Bluebell 33 candles? 

Love. xx

@latte_fiend on Twitter. 

Friday, 17 January 2014

Where would I be without Lush? :-)

When my son was born he had quite dry skin. I tried a few products that people swore by but they either didn't work or his skin reacted. I realised that he was going to take after his mummy and have sensitive skin as a child (I've since grown out of it). I done a bit of research and decided to use coconut oil. It was a dream! His skin was perfectly smooth within a few days and he also smelled good enough to eat. Now he still gets a coconut oil massage after his bath, just to maintain. 
I've always been obsessed with scents and smells so I really wanted to find something for his baths that smelled lovely but that he wouldn't react to. I done patch tests with a few different products but no joy. I was visiting Lush one day for my regular goodies. I mentioned my 'dilemma' to one of the staff and she pointed me in the direction of the Fun bars. There are 5 different scents and each is as delicious as the last. 
Blue: Lavender and chamomile
Yellow: Creamy vanilla
Green: Citrus
Pink: Fruity (smells like sweeties though!)
Red: Mandarin and orange oil
They come in at £5 and last forever!
They can be used under running water for bubbles, as shampoo and as a body wash. 
I bought my son the blue bar and the green bar about 4 months ago and still have more than half of each left. That's got to be good value for money! You only need the smallest amount too. I have even give a few lumps to my cousin when I'm babysitting and she loves playing with it like playdough then washing with the result. It is what it says it is, fun! 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Little Thing Called Twitter

When I signed up to Twitter I was a new mum, on maternity leave and I just wanted something to pass the time during the sleepy night feeds.
I thought I would follow a few celebrities and that would be that. Since then I've also started my own blog (obviously, you're reading it!) and I've realised that Twitter is like one big community. People are willing to reach out and help you. @silver_blog and @OhNoItsBex have to get a special mention here. I asked for help (on my blog) and they accepted, just because. That rarely happens in 'real life'. If only the entire world operated like that. 
At Christmas the comedian Sarah Millican (@SarahMillican75) was tweeting about a hashtag #JoinIn. It was created so that nobody need feel alone at Christmas. During all the festivities I checked the hashtag once or twice and the love, support and friendship I seen was quite staggering. Nobody knew each other but people were having a laugh and offering kind words where needed. It was gorgeous and heartwarming. 
The internet can be a dark, nasty place sometimes but it is also a really fantastic tool. I have met some amazing people I wouldn't have met otherwise and it's been fab'. I think, years later, I finally get what all the hype is about. :-)