Sunday, 29 September 2013

Time to lose this baby chub

I lost a lot of weight prior to conceiving. I was finally happy with what I seen in the mirror. I wasn't skinny but I was comfortable in my own skin. Go me!
I got pregnant, ate healthily through the pregnancy & I was determined that the only weight I would put on would be actual baby weight.
He was born & my goals changed. I was so preoccupied with my little boy. I'm a single mum & I was determined to prove I could do the job & do it well. There was never any doubt from anyone, I just got it into my head that I had something to prove. 
The weight has slowly crept back on & I'm so mad at myself. I knew it was happening but I was complacent. All I cared about was my baby.
Now I'm back to an unhappy place with what I see in the mirror. The weight has to go & it starts here. 
Any recipes, advice would be very gladly received! :)


Monday, 9 September 2013

Creating bad habits.

When you are expecting a baby you get polluted with do's & dont's. Since having my son, the one quote that I repeat to myself over & over again is "Do what you feel in your heart to be right, for you'll be criticised anyway" (Eleanor Roosevelt). 
For one thing, I occasionally co-sleep with my baby - if he's particularly restless, teething etc. Sometimes a baby just wants to feel security! Don't we all? 
People are entitled to raise their children how they see fit. I personally lean towards attachment parenting. Some people raise their eyebrows, tell me I'll end up with a spoilt baby, a mummy's boy, blah, blah, blah. Since when was being well loved the equivalent of being spoilt? Since when did people think they had the right to offer a running commentary on my parenting skills/techniques? People have forgotten how to filter what travels from the brain to the mouth. 
Recently Tesco was having Twitter Q&A with Sarah Ockwell-Smith (@TheBabyExpert). She took the time to respond to my questions (long after the Q&A session) had ended & she has only strengthened my knowledge that I'm doing nothing wrong, nor am I putting down the foundations for parenting issues when baby is a little older. 
She pointed me in the direction of a few interesting articles which I very much enjoyed reading so I'll include the links here. 
As long as babies are fed, loved, clean, warm etc. do we really need to get bogged down in judging each other? Surely we're all just trying to do our best & what works for us & our little ones. 

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Monday, 2 September 2013

Sleep deprivation

I think sleep deprivation is one of the hardest things I've dealt with while being a single mum - the having nobody to share the night shifts with. 
Sprout will sort his sleep routine out, sleep through for a while, allow me to become accustomed to it then BOOM it's all over.  :-) 
Just recently he has taken to rolling back to front while sleeping. He finds himself on his tummy, has a meltdown about not wanting to be there & then it takes ages to settle him again. He cannot roll front to back just yet so it's a mummy job every time. I'm assuming its something I'm going to have to ride out but boy am I exhausted. 
I'm off to drink a litre of coffee & hope for the best. :-)

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