Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Blogger's Snail Mail

The lovely Gemma over at Lipsticks And Lashes regularly organises a blogger's snail mail exchange. Its a lovely way to meet someone new and its nice to receive something in the post that isn't advertising spam or bills.

This is my second time taking part in the exchange and this time I got paired with the lovely Steph from Stephanie Jayne. She's a mum-to-be so getting to know her brought back a lot of memories of my pregnancy and the anticipation of the new arrival.

There are just a few "rules" for the exchange:
- You send a gift to the value of £5, no more.
- You write a letter telling your person everything that you've learned about them.
- You send some positive, uplifting words.

Simple! :-)

Steph had mentioned that she was starting to get a wee collection of clothes together for her little lady. I immediately decided that the best thing I could send her would be an outfit for her little one. It was lovely to go shopping for it because I'm so used to shopping for my little boy. I can't wait to see her wee lassie wearing the outfit when she finally joins us. :-)

Steph was very thoughtful when it came to putting my gift together. She popped in chocolate (which my and my wee lad broke into straight away as you can see in the photo), a bath bomb, a wee candle and some face masks.

Last night I put O to bed and I ran myself a gorgeous bath, put one of the face masks on, lit the candle, grabbed a glass of wine and soaked for a good hour. Its the first time in ages that I set some time aside for me so it was very much appreciated. I of course have the evenings to relax when O goes to bed but I normally use that time to clean the house for the following day, complete some paperwork etc. It was lovely to just switch off and do absolutely nothing.

Thanks again Steph and thank you to Gemma for organising it all.

I look forward to the next swap.

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  1. I'm glad you set aside time to actually relax. It's important to have some you time. Glad you liked all the gifts! xx